Frequently Asked Questions

  • Besides comfortable, athletic clothing, should I wear or bring anything else?

    For beginners, wear light MMA-style fingerless gloves or wraps. A mouthpiece and cup are also advised. All of these can be found at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

  • I have experience in other martial arts. At what level should I start?

    The same as everyone else, Level 1.

  • Will you be adding more classes?

    Yes. As the school grows, that’s the plan!

  • How does Krav Maga’s belt system work?

    Although we have belts, we normally refer to them as levels, of which Krav Maga has 5. Beginners are Level 1 (white belt). When instructors think they are ready, students may test to advance to higher levels.

  • How much do lessons cost?

    Call 919.642.3813 or stop in at any of our locations to learn more about our membership options!

    • I’d like to ramp up my training. Do you offer private lessons?

      Yes! Contact Rachel for details.

    • Is there a military/police discount?

      Yes! Simply bring your official ID with you when you sign up and get the discounted rate of 15% off.

    • I’m old/young/fat/skinny/etc. Will I be able to keep up?

      We have a very friendly atmosphere and our goal is to push you, to make you stronger and faster. When in doubt, remember the sage words of Yoda: “Do or do not. There is no try!”

    • My kids that would love to do this. Do you have classes they could take?

      Yes! Kids classes are offered by Hero Academy