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RESIST teaches groups specific sets of skills in a small time frame.

Normally, groups request a specific course and RESIST instructors come to them. Seminars last 3-5 days, are fast and physical, and cover one specific area, i.e. counter-abduction, rape prevention, active shooter, etc.


The classes are almost exclusively hands-on and extremely dynamic. Our curriculum draws from various fighting systems, including Shingitai Jujitsu, Center Axis Relock and Krav Maga.

Resist Courses

Weapons 101: 1 Day

Weapons 101 covers how various armaments can be used against you and ways that you can use them yourself. Knives, shanks, clubs, handguns, rifles, you name it, you’ll see it.

Active Shooter: 3 Days

This 3 day course prepares students to survive mass shootings when firearms are unavailable for defense. Features mindset, hand-to-hand techniques, firearms training and more.

Rape Prevention: 1 Day

Sexual assault is one of the worst things that happen to an individual. This valuable course covers ways to avoid potentially dangerous situations and how to defeat sexual assailants.

Counter-Abduction: 3 Days

Counter-Abduction includes specific techniques to prevent kidnapping. If you’re traveling to or through a dangerous part of the world, this course is highly recommended.

Assassins: 2 Days

Our most exotic course, Assassins specifically teaches lethal close quarters techniques and how to defeat them. For obvious reasons, Assassins is only available to approved groups.

Escape and Evasion: 3 Days

How do you evade captors in an urban environment? If you’re captured, how do you escape? With Escape and Evasion, we show you how.

Benthic Knife

TKM’s own Benthic Knife is NOW AVAILABLE! As seen in RESIST seminars, these fixed blade weapons were developed by TKM to exponentially increase your self-defense capabilities, especially in areas where firearms are prohibited. Each set is made in North Carolina by local craftsmen and includes:

1 Benthic Knife
1 “Butter Knife” Trainer
1 Kydex Concealment Sheath

Due to high demand, new orders may take between 1-3 weeks to fulfill.