In the Beginning…


Molotov and Patricia
The first time I took a Krav Maga class, I literally threw up. Admittedly, I ate only an hour before I came, but that’s not the point. Krav Maga was far more challenging and dynamic than anything I had anticipated. I half expected to show up, break some boards, listen to some smarmy teacher wax poetic about jump kicks, and then leave with a black belt…boy, was I wrong. There were no boards to be broken, no lengthy speeches or impractical kicks, just constant punching, constant movement, painful stretches and an especially useful defense against a choke from the front. It wasn’t just informative. It wasn’t just exercise. The best way I can describe the experience it is to say that the fun level eclipsed all the sweat and strain. Needless to say, I was hooked. Years later, as a Krav Maga instructor, I look back on that class with fondness. I can honestly say that taking that class was one of the best decisions I ever made. I walked in weighing close to 250 lb.’s and it wasn’t muscle. Today, I’m 210, fit and fully equipped to defend myself and others from almost any physical threat. Thanks to Krav Maga, today I am a better man.

Now, I’ve heard Krav Maga instructors talk about “spreading Im’s vision” or “spreading Imi’s system” around the world (Imi Lichtenfeld is the creator of Krav Maga). I first heard those words with some cynicism, as if those were clever ways to say “make more money by opening new schools”. But today, having experienced “Imi’s vision” firsthand, I know that I was mistaken. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not trying to sound like some cult leader here! I’m a Christian, after all. But as far as earthly pastimes go, I can’t think of a better one. My life (and my wife’s life) have been radically, noticeably improved. And with TKM, it’s my turn to share Imi’s vision with others so “that they may walk in peace” as I do.