TKM Approval Rating at 98%


Molotov here! We’ve been training the moral, upstanding citizens of the Triangle in Krav Maga and firearms for long enough to have accumulated a good amount of feedback. We strive to make our classes fun and dynamic, as well as informative, and according to our clientele, we’re succeeding! We’ve received a 98% positive rating from our students and we thought we’d share some of the comments we’ve received via Living Social (Note: LS keeps all their clients’ identities anonymous).


The instructors are great. They train you hard but have a great sense of humor and create an atmosphere that you want to return to.

Had a great time at Triangle Krav Maga! While there I received first-rate instruction. Highly recommended!

Great combo of a workout and learning self defense. Doesn’t get any better.

The class was fun and entertaining. Professional, relaxed environment.

Instructor was very good and hands on which makes a great class!

Have loved every bit of the training. Have signed up as a student to continue my training. Would highly suggest it to anyone!


The instructor and all of the staff were terrific. The class was informative, but also very entertaining. Excellent

This class was informative and a lot of fun! The instructor really knows his stuff.

The staff was awesome. Super knowledgeable and really just great people. I’m definitely planning on going back for some more classes!

Molotov is the s**t!

Great class, fun and informative. Will recommend them to others for sure!! I am also looking forward to taking more classes with them.

Molotov Mitchell was very knowledgable about all of the gun laws in NC as well as in other states. His personality was ideal to facilitate the learning of all the necessary information for concealed carry. It hardly felt like 10 hours of class time because it was so enjoyable. I highly suggest taking this course taught by Triangle Krav Maga. (Editor’s Note: I wish we could find out who this person was so I could buy them steak for a year!)

Instructor was fabulous. He made the content interesting and the class just seemed to fly by it was so good. Top notch businesses. Highly recommended.

Loved it plan on trying out Krav Maga next. Best guy to take a CCH class with ever!

Krav Madog


Due to overwhelming demand, our K-9 Instructor Scully Mitchell has re-posted her famous tutorial for Defense Against a Choke from the Mounted Position. Enjoy!

SCULLY: Okay. The attacker’s in the mount when the choke comes on. Pluck at the wrists, just like we learned in Level One!

SCULLY: Don’t get sloppy. Remember, wrist to wrist!

SCULLY: As you pluck, the weight they were putting behind the choke will cause them to fall forward. Now we got ’em!

SCULLY: Trap their leg with your foot on one side, so they can’t post out when you roll ’em…

SCULLY: …now burst upward, taking your arm up and over, in the direction of the trapped leg.

SCULLY: Remember to reach UP and ACROSS, as far as you can toward your opposite shoulder!

SCULLY: You’ll naturally roll, but stay with them. I like to bite them on the way 😉

SCULLY: Look! Now we’re in THEIR guard! Pretty cool, huh!?

SCULLY: Now, simply neutralize the threat with combatives and get the heck outta there!

Instruction by Scully Mitchell
Demo Partner: Molotov
Photos: Patricia