Hex Tool a.k.a. “American Modern Fist”


This past year, TKM’s Hex Tool was awarded a patent from the US Patent Office. You may not know it, but receiving the right to say “patented” or “patent pending” is EXTREMELY difficult and expensive to do. But we did it! And this month, our PATENT PENDING Hex Tool has received recognition across the nation. We were featured in RECOIL, easily the COOLEST gun magazine in the nation…
It’s even been covered in the UK…
Cerakote UK
And in France, where it was dubbed the “American Modern Fist” (a title we were VERY pleased to read)…
Protegor w circle
Big props to the metallurgical magicians at the Dept. of Destruction (Mike, Brooke, Josh, etc) as well as Molotov’s over-qualified right hand, Greer, for making the Hex Tool an international phenomenon!