2014: Best Year Yet!


This past year, Triangle Krav Maga had the best year yet. So many successful changes and events. Here’s a look back on 2014, our best year yet!

We were honored to receive Indy Week’s “Best in the Triangle” Award. Again.
We were tasked with promoting the film “Divergent” by teaching a stage combat class!
We raised funds and sent instructors off to fight human trafficking in Cahul, Moldova.
We joined Atlas Krav Maga, a new federation with Israeli oversight that’s dedicated to serving the East Coast.
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Abraham “Boom” Thornton was certified as CCH Instructor through the North Carolina Dept. of Justice.
For his tireless dedication to self-defense and the Second Amendment, the NRA honored Molotov Mitchell with the “Defender of Freedom” award.
Molotov was also unanimously appointed by the Wake County Commissioners to NC’s Council for Health and Fitness.
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We released “Krav Maga Compendium” the most excellent Krav Maga film ever made. It’s been seen over 1 million times and has been featured in numerous blogs and Krav write-ups.
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We renovated TKM Southpoint (technically, renovations ended in January, but planning began in December).


The US Patent Office awarded TKM a patent for our very own self-defense weapon, the Hex Tool!
Hex Tool Recoil Ad sm
The Hex Tool received press and acclaim worldwide. Additionally, sales have exceeded all estimates.
Kids classes have taken off!
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Among the many tests we conducted this year, the Fort Fisher Test was absolutely EPIC.
So was the Level 5 Test in the Eno River (yes, IN it, not near it)…
And we couldn’t leave out the terrifying Halloween Test (with a special mystery guest).
TKM was secret-shopped…one of the reviewer’s called TKM “the best Krav Maga school I’ve ever attended.”
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We held several SOLD OUT RESIST events (Active Shooter, Weapons 101, Assassins, etc.)
Winters War 2 was a huge success!
Honestly, there were so many more incredible things, but we don’t have time to list them all here. But all in all, 2014 was easily our biggest year yet. That being said, we have good and reasonable hopes that this year will be EVEN BIGGER. New locations, new courses, guest instructors from around the world…you just hold on to your hats, folks. If you’re with the TKM community, 2015 is gonna blow you away!