BOOM! An Introduction To Firearms



TKM’s Molotov Mitchell will be covering the basics of firearms and addressing some common questions about them, such as: What kind of gun should I buy? How do guns work? What’s legal and illegal when it comes to self-defense in NC? What’s safe and unsafe?

Unlike many firearms courses, BOOM! addresses guns in a fun, relaxed atmosphere over pizza. That’s right! Pizza is provided!

Also, this class is required for anyone who wishes to attend TKM’s advanced firearms courses, which involve shooting.

ATTENTION: DO NOT bring any firearms or live ammunition (loaded or otherwise) to this class. There will NOT be shooting at this class, so you don’t need to bring hearing or eye protection, either.

Molotov Mitchell is the head instructor of Triangle Krav Maga and a NRA-certified pistol instructor. Beyond that, he’s also a really, really cool guy. Just ask Richard Hoffman or Cris Campos!