We Moved!


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I almost entitled this post “Here We Grow Again!” just to be cheesy-ironic, but I simply refuse to resemble hipsters in any way these days, so the boring, straightforward title “We Moved!” won out. I don’t know about you, but I feel…okay about it.

We started teaching Krav Maga in Sync Studio a few months ago, but if you were there, you remember how it got cramped really fast, right? I mean, you could work elbows without hitting anyone, but hammerfists were pushing it. And as cool as the Sync people are, we were slipping and sliding around on those wooden floors a lot more than we wanted to. Well, we’ve finally fixed those problems and made your wildest dreams come true! WE MOVED! So don’t look for us at Sync anymore. Our new space is located on the other side of Los Portales, just two doors down from where we were, and it rocks. We’ve got more than double the space we had at Sync, our own restrooms, office space and cushy padded carpeting. But best of all, we can now add as many classes as we’d like! So we’re in the process of adding offering midday classes, high school classes, concealed carry classes and after this next Level One test, more Level Two classes. So get ready, because HERE WE GROW AGAIN! (…I just couldn’t resist!)


Belated Grand Opening & Lv. 1 Test


BJJ, Muay Thai, MMA, Krav Maga, Chuck Norris…there. Now that I’ve gotten those pesky search engine tag words out of the way…

Doughnut Burger. RESPECT.

…Boy, 3 months sure blew right by! Because we were still waiting on some paperwork in the mail when we held our first class, we didn’t have the Grand Opening extravaganza we wanted (Mike Mathias was particularly bummed when he showed up with a karaoke machine and a clown). We expected to celebrate our opening soon after that class, but our schedules have been so crazy that we lost track, procrastinated, etc. So this weekend, we’re having a REAL Grand Opening with food, friends and…well, mostly food and friends. Most businesses have a soft opening and then a grand opening within 30 days, so we’re a little behind, but I think the doughnut burgers will taste that much sweeter. Yes, Ken Richstad set the trend when he created the doughnut burger tradition. You cut a doughnut like a bagel and slap a beef patty, cheese and maybe even an egg on there…VOILA! Krav tradition!
We’re also about to begin another tradition in August, the Level One Test! Oh yes, it’s about that time, when students who think they’re ready find out just how ready they are by training harder than they ever have for 2-3 hours while we grade them. In past tests, participants have been known to throw up, cry and pass out, but I expect nothing less than perfect technique and frosty stoicism from our ferocious TKM students 😉 The test will be held on August 20th at 12:30PM at the KMR studio. A Level One Review will be held on the 6th (same time, same location) for those who either think they’re ready to test or those who’d simply enjoy the curricular overview. After the Review, we’ll tell students whether they’re ready or whether they need to improve on certain techniques.

If anyone passes the deadly Level One Test (which I highly doubt), they will move on to Level Two training. This means they will have officially attained the right to look down upon their Level One peers and make jokes about their round kicks. It also means we will add Level Two classes to our schedule!
So get ready, ninjas! TKM’s about to make some history!

In the Beginning…


Molotov and Patricia
The first time I took a Krav Maga class, I literally threw up. Admittedly, I ate only an hour before I came, but that’s not the point. Krav Maga was far more challenging and dynamic than anything I had anticipated. I half expected to show up, break some boards, listen to some smarmy teacher wax poetic about jump kicks, and then leave with a black belt…boy, was I wrong. There were no boards to be broken, no lengthy speeches or impractical kicks, just constant punching, constant movement, painful stretches and an especially useful defense against a choke from the front. It wasn’t just informative. It wasn’t just exercise. The best way I can describe the experience it is to say that the fun level eclipsed all the sweat and strain. Needless to say, I was hooked. Years later, as a Krav Maga instructor, I look back on that class with fondness. I can honestly say that taking that class was one of the best decisions I ever made. I walked in weighing close to 250 lb.’s and it wasn’t muscle. Today, I’m 210, fit and fully equipped to defend myself and others from almost any physical threat. Thanks to Krav Maga, today I am a better man.

Now, I’ve heard Krav Maga instructors talk about “spreading Im’s vision” or “spreading Imi’s system” around the world (Imi Lichtenfeld is the creator of Krav Maga). I first heard those words with some cynicism, as if those were clever ways to say “make more money by opening new schools”. But today, having experienced “Imi’s vision” firsthand, I know that I was mistaken. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not trying to sound like some cult leader here! I’m a Christian, after all. But as far as earthly pastimes go, I can’t think of a better one. My life (and my wife’s life) have been radically, noticeably improved. And with TKM, it’s my turn to share Imi’s vision with others so “that they may walk in peace” as I do.