2014: Best Year Yet!


This past year, Triangle Krav Maga had the best year yet. So many successful changes and events. Here’s a look back on 2014, our best year yet!

We were honored to receive Indy Week’s “Best in the Triangle” Award. Again.
We were tasked with promoting the film “Divergent” by teaching a stage combat class!
We raised funds and sent instructors off to fight human trafficking in Cahul, Moldova.
We joined Atlas Krav Maga, a new federation with Israeli oversight that’s dedicated to serving the East Coast.
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Abraham “Boom” Thornton was certified as CCH Instructor through the North Carolina Dept. of Justice.
For his tireless dedication to self-defense and the Second Amendment, the NRA honored Molotov Mitchell with the “Defender of Freedom” award.
Molotov was also unanimously appointed by the Wake County Commissioners to NC’s Council for Health and Fitness.
escalator sm
We released “Krav Maga Compendium” the most excellent Krav Maga film ever made. It’s been seen over 1 million times and has been featured in numerous blogs and Krav write-ups.
Awesomer Pic holy crap
We renovated TKM Southpoint (technically, renovations ended in January, but planning began in December).


The US Patent Office awarded TKM a patent for our very own self-defense weapon, the Hex Tool!
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The Hex Tool received press and acclaim worldwide. Additionally, sales have exceeded all estimates.
Kids classes have taken off!
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Among the many tests we conducted this year, the Fort Fisher Test was absolutely EPIC.
So was the Level 5 Test in the Eno River (yes, IN it, not near it)…
And we couldn’t leave out the terrifying Halloween Test (with a special mystery guest).
TKM was secret-shopped…one of the reviewer’s called TKM “the best Krav Maga school I’ve ever attended.”
Featured In
We held several SOLD OUT RESIST events (Active Shooter, Weapons 101, Assassins, etc.)
Winters War 2 was a huge success!
Honestly, there were so many more incredible things, but we don’t have time to list them all here. But all in all, 2014 was easily our biggest year yet. That being said, we have good and reasonable hopes that this year will be EVEN BIGGER. New locations, new courses, guest instructors from around the world…you just hold on to your hats, folks. If you’re with the TKM community, 2015 is gonna blow you away!

Hex Tool a.k.a. “American Modern Fist”


This past year, TKM’s Hex Tool was awarded a patent from the US Patent Office. You may not know it, but receiving the right to say “patented” or “patent pending” is EXTREMELY difficult and expensive to do. But we did it! And this month, our PATENT PENDING Hex Tool has received recognition across the nation. We were featured in RECOIL, easily the COOLEST gun magazine in the nation…
It’s even been covered in the UK…
Cerakote UK
And in France, where it was dubbed the “American Modern Fist” (a title we were VERY pleased to read)…
Protegor w circle
Big props to the metallurgical magicians at the Dept. of Destruction (Mike, Brooke, Josh, etc) as well as Molotov’s over-qualified right hand, Greer, for making the Hex Tool an international phenomenon!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! + TKM’s Top 10 Achievements in 2013


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Thanks to our enthusiastic members and dedicated staff, Triangle Krav Maga accomplished a lot in 2013. We’re writing an incredible story together, aren’t we? And whenever we reach the end of a chapter, it’s always nice to take inventory. These are 10 of the biggest things we accomplished this year:

1: Not only were we labeled the Best Martial Arts Program in the Triangle by Indy Week, we also won Second Place for Best Fitness Program in the Triangle at the S.W.E.A.T. Fitness Awards.

2: Our RESIST program has brought in students and instructors from across the country, and we’ve even started teaching groups in other countries.
cover tkm pyramid

3: After A LOT of hard work, our Force Training program has finally flourished. We now have the pleasure of teaching police and military units across the state on a regular basis. It’s an honor to be the brand sourced for this kind of work.
Spec Ops 1

4: Our very own Benthic Knife Method was born and became an instant success! TKM’s Department of Destruction crafted several weapons this year, the most popular of which is the devastating Benthic Knife, which became the first and only weapon to be certified and endorsed by a Krav Maga federation.
Benthic News Shots2

5: Thanks to an incredible support team of amazing sparring partners and instructors, some of which included Kelly Campbell, Scott Woods and John Whitman, Molotov Mitchell earned the rank of Krav Maga Black Belt this year!
NC Headlines

6: Our reality show “Zero to Superhero” has reached millions and continues to shock and amaze audiences. Jeeves, the star, lost over 100 pounds, successfully killed a boar with a spear, survived drowning in icy mountain waters, conquered his fear of heights and much more. 2014 will present even greater challenges as our hero nears his goal of fighting crime in the Bull City…
TKM Z2S This is Viral Video

7: We successfully transitioned from Krav Maga Worldwide to Krav Maga Alliance. Gone are the days of having to fly all the way out to L.A. to get anything done. We’re now growing TWICE as fast as we did under KMW. And while we’re sorry to lose access to a world-class instructor like Kelly Campbell, we’ve gained access to John Whitman, who trained Kelly.

8: Chris DeAdder and Abraham Thornton joined our firearms program as instructors. And this year, we’ve officially trained more than 1,000 students in everything from concealed carry to shotguns and home defense gunfighting.

9: Winter’s War. More than 60 participants from around the state (and even other states) battled each other, the elements and themselves for 3 days in the first of many trips to the fictional nation of Stanya. If you liked this year’s games, just wait until next year…
WW1 Highlights Pic smaller

10: While we accomplished so much this year, our greatest achievement was that we had fun, doing it 🙂 Here’s to another great year of “Gear, Training and Community!” KIDA!
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Resist: Egypt


This month, we were teaching our Resist: Counter-abduction course in Egypt. The clients were extremely happy and we got to explore the Pyramids, so it was pretty perfect. Handsome Scott and “Cray Cray” Kelly kicked some serious butt over there. Enjoy the pics!

cover tkm pyramid







Zero to Superhero Goes Viral


The pilot episode of Zero to Superhero has officially gone viral! See below:

TKM Z2S This is Viral Video

The star of the show, Jeeves, is LOVING the training and his health has dramatically improved. To see the first episode “Genesis”, click below (it’s about 15 minutes long):

And we’re just getting started! We’ve got more epic stuff on the way…stay tuned!

Free Concealed Carry for Teachers


In response to the Sandy Hook tragedy, we offered FREE concealed carry handgun courses for teachers. These are a few of the awesome educators who took us up on it. Check out the headshots on that silhouette target…NICE!


Apparently, our response to the Sandy Hook tragedy was…unorthodox? Only one or two other gun schools in the country gave free CCH classes to teachers, and as it turns out, we were the only Krav Maga school in North Carolina (or the world, for that matter) to do it. And it turned out to be a good thing; classes filled up overnight.




Here’s a piece that shows some of the teachers in training:


And on the popular Bill LuMaye radio show, TKM instructor and public school teacher Derek Wade shares his thoughts:


Many people have inquired as to why we responded to Sandy Hook the way we did. Well, while many groups are quick to blame firearms for shootings, we at TKM recognize that individuals, not their tools, are ultimately responsible. Nearly every mass shooting in our generation was committed in a “gun-free zone”, locations where law-abiding citizens are not allowed to carry firearms. These “gun-free zones” represent a tremendous failure in our society, and that is our failure to place blame where it belongs, and that is upon the perpetrator. We now know that shooters like James Holmes have intentionally chosen “gun-free zones” like the theater in Aurora, one of the only theaters in the area to forbid concealed carry, because he knew that no one would be able to shoot back. As we have seen throughout history, restricting firearms only deprives law-abiding citizens of the right to self-defense. Banning firearms is a negative solution; we chose to respond in the positive. Banning cars is not the way to end drunk driving. Banning water is not the way to prevent drowning. The answer is not prohibition. The answer is more education and training. With that in mind, the TKM staff were thrilled to see many teachers enter with an attitude of timidity, but leave with an air of confidence. And some day, soon perhaps, when teachers are allowed to be armed on school grounds, you will see a dramatic drop in school shootings. Mark my words.

– Molotov

Girls’ Night Out, TV Shows, New Locations…


First off, we recently held a Girls’ Night Out event at TKM Southpoint, and it was a blast.
“Handsome” Scott and I really had fun teaching the ladies how to kick the crap out attackers and apparently they had fun, too: http://www.yelp.com/biz/yelps-passport-to-girls-night-triangle-krav-maga-durham

Next up, we began filming our reality show “Zero to Superhero” this past week.
For the uninitiated, the show is about an obese guy named Jeeves being trained by TKM to become a real-life superhero. No, seriously. Anyway, he managed to survive his first class, a test of his abilities without any training whatsoever, but just barely. Since he’s not the average student and he has a rather extreme goal of fighting crime in tights, his training is far more savage than usual. He was banged-up when he bowed out, but he never gave up…and THAT is the what separates success from failure.

And finally, we now have 5(!) TKM locations where North Carolinians can learn to destroy calories and villains alike.
They are as follows: Chapel Hill, Durham (Southpoint), Durham (Duke campus; it’s brand new, which is why it’s not currently shown), Cary and Fuquay-Varina. Our homepage now reflects the new locations on a map, with directions when clicked. If you live in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Morrisville, etc., there’s a TKM right down the street. So what are you waiting for?

Stay Dangerous,

TKM Approval Rating at 98%


Molotov here! We’ve been training the moral, upstanding citizens of the Triangle in Krav Maga and firearms for long enough to have accumulated a good amount of feedback. We strive to make our classes fun and dynamic, as well as informative, and according to our clientele, we’re succeeding! We’ve received a 98% positive rating from our students and we thought we’d share some of the comments we’ve received via Living Social (Note: LS keeps all their clients’ identities anonymous).


The instructors are great. They train you hard but have a great sense of humor and create an atmosphere that you want to return to.

Had a great time at Triangle Krav Maga! While there I received first-rate instruction. Highly recommended!

Great combo of a workout and learning self defense. Doesn’t get any better.

The class was fun and entertaining. Professional, relaxed environment.

Instructor was very good and hands on which makes a great class!

Have loved every bit of the training. Have signed up as a student to continue my training. Would highly suggest it to anyone!


The instructor and all of the staff were terrific. The class was informative, but also very entertaining. Excellent

This class was informative and a lot of fun! The instructor really knows his stuff.

The staff was awesome. Super knowledgeable and really just great people. I’m definitely planning on going back for some more classes!

Molotov is the s**t!

Great class, fun and informative. Will recommend them to others for sure!! I am also looking forward to taking more classes with them.

Molotov Mitchell was very knowledgable about all of the gun laws in NC as well as in other states. His personality was ideal to facilitate the learning of all the necessary information for concealed carry. It hardly felt like 10 hours of class time because it was so enjoyable. I highly suggest taking this course taught by Triangle Krav Maga. (Editor’s Note: I wish we could find out who this person was so I could buy them steak for a year!)

Instructor was fabulous. He made the content interesting and the class just seemed to fly by it was so good. Top notch businesses. Highly recommended.

Loved it plan on trying out Krav Maga next. Best guy to take a CCH class with ever!

Krav Madog


Due to overwhelming demand, our K-9 Instructor Scully Mitchell has re-posted her famous tutorial for Defense Against a Choke from the Mounted Position. Enjoy!

SCULLY: Okay. The attacker’s in the mount when the choke comes on. Pluck at the wrists, just like we learned in Level One!

SCULLY: Don’t get sloppy. Remember, wrist to wrist!

SCULLY: As you pluck, the weight they were putting behind the choke will cause them to fall forward. Now we got ’em!

SCULLY: Trap their leg with your foot on one side, so they can’t post out when you roll ’em…

SCULLY: …now burst upward, taking your arm up and over, in the direction of the trapped leg.

SCULLY: Remember to reach UP and ACROSS, as far as you can toward your opposite shoulder!

SCULLY: You’ll naturally roll, but stay with them. I like to bite them on the way 😉

SCULLY: Look! Now we’re in THEIR guard! Pretty cool, huh!?

SCULLY: Now, simply neutralize the threat with combatives and get the heck outta there!

Instruction by Scully Mitchell
Demo Partner: Molotov
Photos: Patricia