HAPPY NEW YEAR!! + TKM’s Top 10 Achievements in 2013


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Thanks to our enthusiastic members and dedicated staff, Triangle Krav Maga accomplished a lot in 2013. We’re writing an incredible story together, aren’t we? And whenever we reach the end of a chapter, it’s always nice to take inventory. These are 10 of the biggest things we accomplished this year:

1: Not only were we labeled the Best Martial Arts Program in the Triangle by Indy Week, we also won Second Place for Best Fitness Program in the Triangle at the S.W.E.A.T. Fitness Awards.

2: Our RESIST program has brought in students and instructors from across the country, and we’ve even started teaching groups in other countries.
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3: After A LOT of hard work, our Force Training program has finally flourished. We now have the pleasure of teaching police and military units across the state on a regular basis. It’s an honor to be the brand sourced for this kind of work.
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4: Our very own Benthic Knife Method was born and became an instant success! TKM’s Department of Destruction crafted several weapons this year, the most popular of which is the devastating Benthic Knife, which became the first and only weapon to be certified and endorsed by a Krav Maga federation.
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5: Thanks to an incredible support team of amazing sparring partners and instructors, some of which included Kelly Campbell, Scott Woods and John Whitman, Molotov Mitchell earned the rank of Krav Maga Black Belt this year!
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6: Our reality show “Zero to Superhero” has reached millions and continues to shock and amaze audiences. Jeeves, the star, lost over 100 pounds, successfully killed a boar with a spear, survived drowning in icy mountain waters, conquered his fear of heights and much more. 2014 will present even greater challenges as our hero nears his goal of fighting crime in the Bull City…
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7: We successfully transitioned from Krav Maga Worldwide to Krav Maga Alliance. Gone are the days of having to fly all the way out to L.A. to get anything done. We’re now growing TWICE as fast as we did under KMW. And while we’re sorry to lose access to a world-class instructor like Kelly Campbell, we’ve gained access to John Whitman, who trained Kelly.

8: Chris DeAdder and Abraham Thornton joined our firearms program as instructors. And this year, we’ve officially trained more than 1,000 students in everything from concealed carry to shotguns and home defense gunfighting.

9: Winter’s War. More than 60 participants from around the state (and even other states) battled each other, the elements and themselves for 3 days in the first of many trips to the fictional nation of Stanya. If you liked this year’s games, just wait until next year…
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10: While we accomplished so much this year, our greatest achievement was that we had fun, doing it 🙂 Here’s to another great year of “Gear, Training and Community!” KIDA!
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