Welcome to Hero Academy, Where Kids Come First!

In Israel, it’s considered a high honor to teach children Krav Maga. In fact, KM instructors normally have to teach adults for years before they’re allowed to lead youth classes. At Hero academy, we feel the same way, and that’s why our kids get the highest-ranked instructors from the highest-ranked martial arts studio in the Triangle (3 years and running,Indy Week). Your children are the future and they deserve nothing less than the best.

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Hero Academy students learn fitness, tumbling, self-defense and social skills.

In addition to Krav Maga, they learn character principles like Respect, Humility, Confidence and Kindness.

Frequently asked questions.

What Is Krav Maga?

As a hand-to-hand fighting system, Krav Maga (“close combat” in Hebrew) is the official fighting system of Israeli Defense Forces. It’s recognized for its solutions to multiple attacker scenarios and the ability to end fights quickly. At Hero Academy, we have a modified curriculum for children that emphasizes deescalation, anti-bullying and self-confidence.