Gun Classes

Molotov Mitchell made the class, which COULD be infinitely boring and dull into quite an entertaining experience. His background shone through and was more like performance art than lecture. I would highly recommend taking the CCH through Triangle Krav Maga.


Molotov Mitchell was very knowledgeable about all of the gun laws in NC as well as in other states. His personality was ideal to facilitate the learning of all the necessary information for concealed carry. It hardly felt like 10 hours of class time because it was so enjoyable. I highly suggest taking this course taught by Triangle Krav Maga.

The staff was awesome. Super knowledgeable and really just great people. I’m definitely planning on going back for some more classes!

Our instructor in CCH, Molotov Mitchell, has taken a deadly serious subject and made it exciting and FUN! The course is thorough and informative. Questions and comments are strongly encouraged. If you want to be able to learn to legally protect yourself and family this is the program for you. I’ll be back for more courses. Molotov ROCKS!

The people of Krav Maga were very friendly, down to earth, knowledgeable, and helpful. The instructors have great personalities which makes the class so much more bearable than other CCH courses that I have been through. I plan to put my sisters and girlfriend through this course and would recommend this conceal carry class to anyone.

Instructor was fabulous. He made the content interesting and the class just seemed to fly by it was so good. Top notch businesses. Highly recommended.

Krav Maga Classes

Great combo of a workout and learning self defense. Doesn’t get any better.

The instructors are great. They train you hard but have a great sense of humor and create an atmosphere that you want to return to.

Awesome workout and quick learning of very effective techniques.

Four of my kids (15-21) and I began this summer training at TKM. I could tell about the awesome instructors and their great attitudes, encouragement, and skill. I could mention the great friends made and great people from all walks of life we’ve gotten to know. But the truth of why we got started is that our nation is in crisis and there are more potential unfriendly situations around then ever before, and I want my family prepared. TKM continues to be the absolute best for all the above!

This is absolutely the best and most practical Self Defense System ever! It is also a great way to get in shape and feel more confident!