Krav Madog


Due to overwhelming demand, our K-9 Instructor Scully Mitchell has re-posted her famous tutorial for Defense Against a Choke from the Mounted Position. Enjoy!

SCULLY: Okay. The attacker’s in the mount when the choke comes on. Pluck at the wrists, just like we learned in Level One!

SCULLY: Don’t get sloppy. Remember, wrist to wrist!

SCULLY: As you pluck, the weight they were putting behind the choke will cause them to fall forward. Now we got ’em!

SCULLY: Trap their leg with your foot on one side, so they can’t post out when you roll ’em…

SCULLY: …now burst upward, taking your arm up and over, in the direction of the trapped leg.

SCULLY: Remember to reach UP and ACROSS, as far as you can toward your opposite shoulder!

SCULLY: You’ll naturally roll, but stay with them. I like to bite them on the way 😉

SCULLY: Look! Now we’re in THEIR guard! Pretty cool, huh!?

SCULLY: Now, simply neutralize the threat with combatives and get the heck outta there!

Instruction by Scully Mitchell
Demo Partner: Molotov
Photos: Patricia