We Moved!


Tags: Martial arts. Self-defense. Boxing.
I almost entitled this post “Here We Grow Again!” just to be cheesy-ironic, but I simply refuse to resemble hipsters in any way these days, so the boring, straightforward title “We Moved!” won out. I don’t know about you, but I feel…okay about it.

We started teaching Krav Maga in Sync Studio a few months ago, but if you were there, you remember how it got cramped really fast, right? I mean, you could work elbows without hitting anyone, but hammerfists were pushing it. And as cool as the Sync people are, we were slipping and sliding around on those wooden floors a lot more than we wanted to. Well, we’ve finally fixed those problems and made your wildest dreams come true! WE MOVED! So don’t look for us at Sync anymore. Our new space is located on the other side of Los Portales, just two doors down from where we were, and it rocks. We’ve got more than double the space we had at Sync, our own restrooms, office space and cushy padded carpeting. But best of all, we can now add as many classes as we’d like! So we’re in the process of adding offering midday classes, high school classes, concealed carry classes and after this next Level One test, more Level Two classes. So get ready, because HERE WE GROW AGAIN! (…I just couldn’t resist!)